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Donna Pascoe

Donna Pascoe’s distinguished career started at just seventeen years old when she won the Paul Mitchell award for Best Haircutter. She has since followed that up with being Color Director at some of the most prestigious companies in the world – from Madison Avenue in New York, to Sydney Australia, to Boca Raton, Florida.

Donna Pascoe became a household name with her renowned hair product line called Mine, and now her newest line, called Revenge. Having been sold nationwide in leading beauty retailer, Sephora, and featured in almost every note worthy fashion and beauty magazine in North America, Pascoe is no stranger to success.

As Pascoe’s talent and abilities matured, she felt it was necessary to widen her horizons and build a salon. Focused on providing only the best services to her clientele, Pascoe took her time building her family of employees, seeking out the best in the business. Her reputation preceded her, and one can say she has easily filled the salon with people and products that match her standards of excellence.

Donna Pascoe is Devacurl certified to cut curly hair.

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